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[04 Apr 2004|11:22pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Go here plz... and tell them that hmwsunshine02 sent you. Comment on the new members board. -beams- I'll love you forever.

Journal Has MOVED! [01 Apr 2004|11:34pm]
Okay... in my last entry and mentioned that I was going to move my journal and make a whole new name. I just wasn't feeling this journal... plus it was also messed up...

I will be taking this journal down in about a weeks time. Go to angelic_designs to be added to that new journal. I hope that you guys continue to support and be my friend. :) It'll be the same thing, only better layout, better graphics, and well... who knows lol. Thanks everyone...


[22 Mar 2004|09:59pm]
(I found this out from heavenxsent who found it out from blaklily who found out from _leitmotif who found out from iconalias who found out from outoftime)

I think sometimes the unsung heroes of Live Journal are the icon makers. These are people who spend hours working on little 100x100 pieces of art that they then put out, at no charge, for everyone else to use.

It's scary sometimes being an icon maker. There's always that fear of rejection. That longing look at your inbox, hoping comments come in and your work was worth something.

Then there's the endless amounts of icon contests now, where you put your work up for judgment by your peers and you're either awarded or, more often (considering the vast amounts of icon makers in these contests) let down.

So I propose a day to concentrate on these people, thank them, whatever you feel like doing.

I propose March 31 be Icon Makers Appreciation Day.

Hopefully on that day, maybe we can go through all the icon communities and leave feedback, even if we're not taking any icons.

Maybe we can post in our journals about the icons we use, who made them, why you picked them, what you think, etc.

Maybe even us Icon Makers can make icons for the other Icon Makers.

I don't know - this is all up to you. But I know a ton of people who make beautiful icons that should be appreciated more than they already are. Not to mention those who take out extra time to run those icon communities or icon contest communities.

I hope you guys think this is a good idea. Spread the word around (you may want to reword it as I'm not feeling especially eloquent today).

March 31. Icon Maker Appreciation Day. Be there or Be 100x100. (Square? Get it? Yep. My humor is off.)

I definately agree with this... go here and nab a icon... it'd be very appreciated for the icon makers of the net! :)

:: STOP! :: [31 Jan 2004|06:16pm]

This is a Friends Only Journal. It's no longer a comminity, but a place where I can stick all my graphics, because I don't want them on my personal Journal... So yeah... that's how it's going to be. Make sure to read the rules HERE ... cause if you don't, you won't be added... and make sure to add me first, if not, then you won't be added at all. Sorry, I'm not into people taking my graphics that I worked hard on... I'll know if you read the rules or not, because there will be a key word... Those of you who HAVE been on the list... you have to add me to your list, because it doesn't show that you have me added... Thanks a bunch... and enjoy the icons.

Comment and you'll be added...

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